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On March 21st 2017, the 51st Annual Conference of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts, Future Flux, will take off, and this year, like many previous years, you will be able to find Guldagergaard among the exhibitors in the Resource Hall.


We sincerely hope, that you will find the time to stop by our table and say hello – we filled our suitcases with lots of NCECA offers that we have set up specifically for this year’s conference. We are looking very much forward to explore “the ways that ceramic art and education will continue to matter” with all of you.


Offers at NCECA

Among our offers, you will find a special price on our University Programmes that are offered for groups of students along with their professor, teacher or ceramic educator. All programmes can be tailored to suit the wishes of your group, and you will have full access to the studios, kiln yard, studio collection and all other facilities. You will become part of an international environment that seeks to unite academic research, artistic research and professional practice; three different approaches to discovery, invention and creation – and we promise you a great experience.

Read more about the University Programmes here.


For professors, teachers and ceramic educators we have a special offer for sabbatical leaves – your time to explore, experiment and engage in new area of the ceramic field. As the NCECA introduction states, creative work increasingly engages with “hybrid practices, issues of diversity, notions of community and dynamic change”, and it is our duty to keep the academic practice updated, advanced and curious.

Read more about the possibility for doing a Sabbatical Leave and what it includes here.


Guldagergaard’s 20th Anniversary

As Guldagergaard is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, we are hosting an Alice in Wonderland Symposium to celebrate it, and we would like to invite some of you to join as well. At NCECA, we offer 4 Alice in Wonderland residencies at a reduced price, so stop by and get your chance. Alice and her adventures have been a continous inspiration for the development not only of Guldagergaard, but also of the Sculpture Park with its many contributions from ceramic artists from all over the world – a work of art that we still seek funding to develop and expand.

- 26. MAR
3D Printing Model and Mold making Workshop



3D, Guldagergaard (Ragna Mouritzen)


Following on from the success of our 3D Printing workshops in 2016, Guldagergaard is pleased to announce a new workshop for spring of 2017 which takes our 3D Printing workshop from previous years further into exploring the possibilities of how CAD software can be used as an artistic tool in the field of ceramics, with a focus toward the production of plaster molds used for slip casting.


Sign up here.


April 3rd – April 6th 2017 at Guldagergaard
This 4 days workshop is suitable for all levels of experience, where as a participant you will learn the skills to design your own unique models using 3D software Rhino under the guidance of our experienced technician Henrik Troelsen (DK). Participants will gain a basic level of skill, understanding and independence in using this software and understand how the process of CAD is used not only as a tool but as an artistic approach to ceramic or design work.


Read more here.


Cost 3D Printing Model and Mold making Workshop
Registration: 3,300 DKK
Student Price: 2,300 DKK


Price includes: Tuition and support, materials*


Price does not include accommodation, travel, food or other living expenses whilst here.


*Please note: cost does not cover cost of use of ABS 3D printer which is 3.5 DKK / cm3

For more information please contact:


- 06. APR
3D Printing Model and Mold making Residency Package





The workshop can be extended as part of a one month 3D Printing Model and Mold making focused residency package, allowing you time and support from our technicians to continue to develop the skills learned in the workshop and develop your project from concept to finished object, as well as the opportunity to explore other projects and possibilities available to you as an Artist in Residence at Guldagergaard.


Sign up here.


The 3D Printing Model and Mold making Residency includes:


– The four day 3D Printing Model and Mold making workshop at a 75% reduced price.
– One month stay at Guldagergaard in the manor house with 24 hour access to the studio
– One day follow up of support in Rhino from workshop leader Henrik Troelsen
– Continued technical support for your project from our technicians
– Artist Lectures


Cost 3D Printing Model and Mold making, Residency Package (including workshop):


Shared Accommodation: 7.025 DKK
Single Accommodation: 8.025 DKK
Single Accommodation with private bathroom: 9.025 DKK (only if available)


Read more here.


For more information please contact:

- 30. APR
Workshop: Build a Soda Kiln



Guldagergaard is delighted to present an 18-day kiln building workshop with Kiln Master Andres Allik (EE), who is one of the most knowledgeable kiln builders and designers working today.


This workshop aims at giving you hands-on experience with kiln building, and you will be under the personal guidance of the skilled Kiln Master Andres Allik. During the workshop, there will be many opportunities for formal and informal discussions with Andres Allik as he lectures and demonstrates all aspects of wood firing and how to work with the kiln.


After finishing the kiln, you will have the opportunity to fill it with your own work and thus get to know the new kiln by firing it. The workshop is designed to enhance participants’ knowledge of kiln building and wood firing (in general).


Sign up here.


May 1st – May 18th 2017 at Guldagergaard
The workshop requires interest in wood firing and the wish to dive further into the intricate workings of a soda kiln – but in return you will get the unforgettable experience of the camaraderie built around wood firing and experience the wealth that the wood firing culture has to offer. Prior experience in the atmospheric firing processes will be helpful, but it is not a must.


You will of course have the guidance and support of Andres Allik and Guldagergaard’s experienced Kiln Yard Technician Evelin Saul (EE) during your entire stay.


Read more here.


Price for the workshop:
Registration: 4,350 DKK
Student Price: 3,350 DKK


Price includes: Tuition and support, shared studio space rental from 09.00 – 17.00 with use of all Guldagergaard equipment.

Price does not include accommodation, materials, travel, food or other living expenses whilst here.

- 18. MAJ
Assistantship Call Out





Guldagergaard is currently looking for new assistants to join the center from August 1st 2017 – August 1st 2018. Do you wish to become part of an international workplace that stimulates innovation, originality, and the desire to experiment? And would you like to join an educational environment that promotes development and collaboration? Then you should apply for our Assistantship!


Apply here.


The position

As a one year Assistant you will be an integral part of the Guldagergaard team, supporting members of staff in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the center.


Other facts:

  • Position: One Year Assistant (2 positions available)
  • Working time: 20 hours flexitime per week
  • Receives in kind: Accommodation in a shared room and a studio space at Guldagergaard ICRC, honorarium of 7,000 DKK towards own materials and firings.
  • Contract: 1 year
  • Start Date: 1st August 2017
  • End Date: 1st August 2018
  • Application Deadline: 12:00 (GMT + 1) 15th March 2017
  • Application: Please sign up by using our online form.



For your application you will need:


• Cover letter explaining your suitability to the position of Assistant

• C.V.

• 5 images of recent work

• Recommendation



For more information look here.

- 01. AUG
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