During this two weeks long symposium, you will explore and understand how this approach to design is translated into ceramic crafts; how aesthetics and functionality form a synthesis that leads to innovation and creation.

our program

The Scandinavian and Nordic design have become known for its serene, minimal aesthetic and innovative approach to creating pieces of simplistic elegance, with a focus on light, quality, sustainability, and functionality. This tradition continues in contemporary Nordic design today.

Program I – Scandinavian ceramic

Symposium frame:

  • 2 weeks duration
  • 10-14 students
  • 1-2 professors

The aim of this program is to give both students and teachers the courage and will to take chances with their work; to challenge their comfort zone of preconceptions of the physical appearance of ceramics, the use of materials as well as contemporary craft’s cultural part of today.

The program is available for all university and arts institutions. This is a specialized symposium at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research center in Denmark and is an outstanding opportunity for students and teachers to get an in-depth experience with Scandinavian design and aesthetic.

During the two weeks will the group go in depth with the Danish ceramic history, and we will explore which abilities have created the high quality in the design of different ceramic work.


What to expect?

Master classes:
We believe inspiration, input, dialogue and network are vital parts of strengthening artistic development and stepping stones on the way to establishing a professional practice. During your stay at Guldagergaard, you will get to know two inspiring and stimulating artists from outside Guldagergaard, to teach in contemporary Scandinavian design and ceramic. The artists are chosen on behalf of their experience and reputation in Denmark, along with their major contribution to the international ceramic scene.

Studio collection:
Guldagergaard has the largest collection of ceramic in Northern Europe. It is characteristic and varied collection gives students as well as teachers an all-time opportunity to get a number of remarkable artists under their skin. During the stay, teachers and students will have access to interact with the whole of Guldagergaard’s collection. Furthermore, Director Mette Marcher will arrange an exclusive tour of the area and introduction to the collection.

In 2012 Guldagergaard went through a full renovation and the center’s studios are now a modern studio and atelier, where all participants will have a workspace. Teachers and students will have access to all of the equipment at Guldagergaard, including our great selection of kiln, where we encourage that you will engage in experiments.

Naturally, accommodation is included in the price in the historic manor building, which was founded in the beginning of the 20th century. For the last 20 years has the manor building made artists from all over the world feel at home, and we hope this will count for you as well.

Museums and galleries – a world of knowledge:
The program is planned so that there will be a possibility to explore the extraordinary museums and galleries, and there will be opportunities to visit the studios of Danish designers. The program includes an exclusive tour that will take you to great museums and galleries in Denmark, and visit some of Denmark’s greatest artists and designers. The staff of Guldagergaard will naturally always be available for help in concern of guidance and consulting about transportation, expenses, attractions etc.



The basis price is DKK 7,200 ($1,210 USD) for a 2-week session.
The price includes: accommodation + work space along with featured materials*, an exclusive tour of the area of Guldagergaard with Director Mette Marcher, two guest lectures and a studio visit the studios of Danish artists.
*included materials: 12 kg clay, 5 kg plaster, 1 bisque- and 1 glace firing, premixed glazes.

Supplement possibilities:
+ 800 DKK ($130 USD) – 2 museum excursions + train travel
+ 2,000 DKK ($380 USD) – catered meals (200 DKK per day/person)
+ 3,500 DKK ($660 USD) – during a 2-week session we can provide an extra Visiting Artist lecture or mini-workshop, and 2 museum excursions + train travel associated with programs.

All-inclusive: 13.700 DKK DKK ($2,300 USD)
The price includes: Accommodation + workspace, an exclusive tour of the area at Guldagergaard with Director Mette Marcher, featured materials*, two guest lectures along with a course in either: Plaster modeling, 3D printing or printing techniques on clay. 3 group meals, excursion to two museums + train fare with travelogues for Copenhagen and Kolding.



The manor building is fully equipped with a kitchen, that can be used freely by students and teachers. There will be space in the cupboard and in the refrigerator, where food and other things can be stored. There will be two options for meals during the stay.
For more information about our University Programs:

Option 1:
The participants make their own breakfasts and lunches at meal breaks and have a specific place to have their personal food items.

For the evening meal, residents of the house will rotate as “Chef of the Day” and cook once a week for the rest of the house creating a cozy atmosphere of idea exchange and camaraderie over shared dinners. Past residents of Guldagergaard often cite this as one of their favorite memories of their time here.

Option 2:
Another option for participants is to pre-order all meals with a catering company at an extra cost, alleviating any need to cook or prepare meals. The catered meals will be delivered to Guldagergaard for the participants to enjoy.

Meal breaks can be scheduled by Professors with the staff at Guldagergaard, and we will be sure to have meals delivered at appropriate meal times.

All participants are encouraged to feel at home in the Manor House. All rooms are well equipped with modern furniture and with attention to Scandinavian design aesthetics. We are pleased to feature Arne Jacobsen furniture in the dining room and living areas.