It is possible to find information about upcoming symposiums, workshops or seminars, along with information and how to apply and register beneath.

workshops at guldagergaard

All year round Guldagergaard offers different symposiums, workshops, and seminars for interested residents and artists. The presentations and workshops are being facilitated by other artists from all over the world all with great knowledge in ceramic arts and techniques.

Accommodation for course participants
All workshop participants will not be staying at Guldagargaard in Skælskør. Guldagergaard can provide you with a list of alternative accommodation options, please write an e-mail to

All participants must bring their own lunch for their workshops. Breakfast and dinner will take place outside of the center. If participating in a wood firing workshop, there will usually be accommodation included in the workshop registration.


All upcoming workshops at Guldagergaard

January – June 2018

Communal Wood Firing
19th – 28th February 2018

Intensive Plaster Workshop
5th – 8th March 2018

Intensive Plaster Workshop
12th – 15th March 2018


3D Printing and Design Workshop
19th – 21th March 2018 (3D Print Residency Package until 15th April 2018)

Intensive Plaster Residency Package
12th March – 8th April 2018

Communal Wood-firing
1st – 10th  May 2018

July – December 2018

Communal Wood-firing
2nd – 11th July 2018

Communal Wood-firing
1st – 10th October 2018


3D Print Workshop
Dates are coming soon

Intensive Plaster Workshop
Dates are coming soon