3d Printing and design workshop

19th of March– 21st of March 2018 (Residency Package: 19th March – 15th April 2018)

3d printing and design workshop

Guldagergaard is pleased to announce an Intensive 3D Printing and Design Workshop with our Technician Henrik Troelsen (DK). This workshop hopes to shed light and experience on how 3D printing and computer-aided design can be used in tactile and 3D practices such as ceramics.

The program will explore in depth the different approaches to using computer-aided design by using Rhino and how the process of CAD is used not only as a tool but as an artistic approach to ceramic or design work.

3D Printing and Design Workshop
With Henrik Troelsen
22 – 24 October 2018

The aim of this workshop is to lead the participants through using Rhino, so giving a pallet of skill, understanding and independence in using such software as a means to create. Rhino is a fantastic tool when it comes to design and control of curved and complex surfaces.

During the workshop, we will also discuss how designing and printing models and work influence the way they think about making and in turn how this helps realize the outcome.

Participants will have the opportunity to create and print models in clay. Guldagergaard is very fortunate to have had UK based artist/potter Jonathon Keep, create the open sourced ceramic printer that we continue to use today and will use as part of this workshop. Using the vast knowledge Jonathon Keep left at Guldagergaard we hope to share some experiences using the ceramic printer.



For the three-day Intensive 3D Printing and Design Workshop and tuition:

  • 2,500 DKK
  • 1,800 DKK (student price)

Price includes:

  • All materials
  • Studio space rental from 09.00 – 17.00
  • Use of all Guldagergaard equipment
  • One-on-one tuition and support

Price does not include accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner or other living expenses.

Prices for accommodation:

  • Shared double room: 250 DKK per night
  • Single room: 350 DKK per night (only if available)
  • Single room with private bath: 425 DKK per night (only if available)

If any question regarding the workshop, contact:

Email: ceramic@ceramic.dk
Phone: +45 5819 0016

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3d printing residency package

Dates are coming soon

The 3D Printing and Design Workshop can be extended as part of a one-month 3D Printing Residency Package, allowing you time and support from our technicians to continue to develop the skills learned in the workshop and develop your project from concept to finished object, as well as the opportunity to explore other projects and possibilities available to you as an Artist-in-Residence at Guldagergaard.

The 3D Printing Residency Package includes:

  • The three-day 3D Printing Model and Mold making workshop at a 75% reduced price.
  • One month stay at Guldagergaard in the manor house with 24-hour access to the studio.
  • One day follow up of support in Rhino from workshop leader, Henrik Troelsen.
  • Continued technical support for your project from our technicians.
  • Artist Lectures.


3D Printing Residency Package (including workshop):

  • Shared Accommodation: 7,025 DKK
  • Single Accommodation: 8,025 DKK (only if available)
  • Single Accommodation with private bathroom: 9,025 DKK (only if available)

If any question regarding the workshop, contact:

Email: ceramic@ceramic.dk
Phone: +45 5819 0016

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