The Foundation Guldagergaard

On this page you will find information about the foundation’s board, its work and annual report as well as an overview for employees and contact opportunities.

The Guldagergaard Foundation is a business foundation. The Guldagergaard Foundation receives grants from the Ministry of Culture for the site’s artist-in-residence program as well as activity grants from Slagelse Municipality. Other income is financed through self-earnings, sponsorships and fund contributions.

Board of Directors:

The board of the Guldagergaard Foundation:

John Lindhardt Frandsen, Chairman

Priscilla Mouritzen, Vice-President

Christian Have

Metha Molsted


The day-to-day management is handled by CEO Mette Blum Marcher, who took office in 2009.

Mette was born in 1978, and is educated in accounting and administration, and is concerned with the value of culture and local significance at the crossroads between art and business. Mette has sat on several councils and boards nationally and internationally about culture as business and ceramics forums and is among the chairmen of Øernes Kunstfond in the period 2017-20-21, just as Mette has curated a number of projects and exhibitions at Guldagergaard, and been project manager at a large number of Guldagergaard projects.

Mette Blum Marcher



The studios are run on a daily basis by Kasia Misciur, who has a Master of Fine Arts

from Wroclaw in Poland.

Studio Manager Kasia Misciur


The Guldagergaard Foundation’s vision is to be a creative place for professional ceramic art.

The Guldagergaard Foundation functions as a knowledge and dissemination center for ceramic art, where artist-in-residence is the core activity, and with the following purposes:

• Guldagergaard’s purpose is to strengthen the ceramic subject locally, nationally and internationally.

• The purpose is also to function as a ceramic knowledge and dissemination center with a special focus on residencies and research and through international contacts and networks create opportunities for artistic dialogue with ceramicists from around the world.

• It is also Guldagergaard’s purpose to be at the forefront of international ceramic trends and to be updated with facilities, equipment and assistance at a high professional level.

• At the same time, Guldagergaard’s purpose is to build up a ceramic study collection with an associated knowledge bank (database) for registration of international contemporary ceramic art.

• Finally, Guldagergaard aims to be one of the central cultural institutions in Denmark with exhibition activities and international ceramic art in the public space.


The Guldagergaard Foundation’s articles of association (only in Danish)