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Embla workshop

Wood firing Workshop EMBLA – cross draught by Fred Olsen

23 August – 5 September

All potters and ceramic artists with at least basic knowledge about wood-firings are invited to take part in series of our short Wood-Firing Workshops .

These workshops are about getting to know and firing our unique collection of wood-fired kilns.

Schedule of the Workshop:


  • Start of the workshop (10am)
  • Looking at glaze samples
  • Preparing wadding
  • Glazing and wadding
  • Preparing wood
  • Start loading

24thof August:

  • Continue loading
  • Start firing

25th– 29thof August:

  • Firing

30thof August – 3rdof September:

  • Kiln cools down (no activities)

4th– 5thof September:

  • Unloading and clean up

5000 DKK (incl tax)

What you get:

  • Professional guidance of our technicians
  • Range of glazes to choose from
  • Materials necessary for loading kiln
  • Wadding
  • Wood
  • Assistance while loading the kiln
  • Advice during the firing
  • Leather aprons and gloves (although we recommend that you bring your own)

What you have to bring:

  • Bisque-fired works. It is hard to estimate how many pieces you will be able to fire. It depends on the amount of participants and size of everyone’s works. It is better to bring a bit more and have a variety to choose from.
  • It is possible to apply for a residency before the Workshop to make works at Guldagergaard (see Artist-In-Residence Program)
  • Dust mask or respirator
  • Working clothes (only natural fabrics)

Language of Workshop:

You are responsible for your own meals. We are providing access to fully equipped kitchen.

We don’t provide accommodation due to Covid-19, but we are happy to recommend reliable accommodation nearby.

Covid-19 precautions:
All participants are asked to take a Covid-19 test before arrival to Guldagergaard, which means that only participants with a negative result are allowed to work at the center.

You are asked to wear a facemask during the Workshop.

Our Staff is regularly tested, as well as wearing facemasks for additional safety.

All areas of the Studio are cleaned and disinfected every day.

If you have any questions contact:  kasia@ceramic.dk

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