NEW EXHIBITION – Alicja Buławka-Fankidejska (PL)

Exhibition is open from 1st of November until 11th of December 2022

About artist:

Alicja studied at the Faculty of Sculpture of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. Diploma in the studio of Prof. Slawoj Ostrowski in 2010, annex Artistic Ceramics in the studio of Prof. Teresa Klaman.
Since 2013, she is an assistant in the Studio of Artistic Ceramics at the Faculty of Sculpture and Intermedia at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk.

She works mainly with ceramic art and deals with alternative methods of firing. She is fascinated by the experimental approach to creative activities related to ceramics.
Together with the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, she organizes and leads the symposium “Ceramics alternatively”.

She is the winner of, among others: an honorable mention (2013) and the Grand Prize – Award of Excellence for her ceramic work “Into the Wild” at the Cluj International Ceramics Biennale, Museum of Art, Cluj – Napoca, Romania in 2015; she presented her ceramic objects at solo exhibitions in Poland; she participated in many group exhibitions such as: Concurs de Ceramica de l’ Alcora in Spain (2019), “Metal Art” series of group exhibitions in Lithuania (2019), III Latvia Ceramics Biennale. Martinsons Award (2021), XIII High Temperature Festival, Wroclaw (2021), International Ceramic Exhibition “Keramika – Ceramics” Olomouc (Czech Republic) 2021, “Keramika Femina” University Gallery, Cieszyn (2022), “The Matter of Space” group exhibition of Polish artists related to ceramics, Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia, and symposium exhibitions: among others: the International Ceramics Symposium Olomouc (Czech Republic) 2021, International Ceramic Art Symposium “Ceramic Laboratory”, Daugavpils, Latvia (2022); artist residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark (2022);

Represented by Fine Art Gallery from Wroclaw, Poland

About exhibition:

For me, forming an object in clay is primarily a sensual and intuitive activity. Touch relates to the process of creating a ceramic form from the very beginning. It is the most involved in this process of all human senses.
The objects presented in the exhibition, which are a consistent continuation of my artistic expression, refer to the framed silhouette of the female body – my body, whose observation I translate into the language of abstracted sculptural form. In these subjective, biological shapes, I seek proportions and sculptural constructions that are appropriate for me – the ultimate simplified image. The abstract synthesis of the figure’s frame and scaling, in the end, constitute a symbol, a bodily prototype.
I perceive the corporeal tissue as a sensory “added” surface of three-dimensional space and in the shapes of my sculptures, frontally creating smoothly changing swellings, bulges, delicate concavities, with a clearly sharpened edge at the interface with the plane closing in around the perimeter. My sculptures are forms stretched on the axis of symmetry, they are full, as if pushed from within. These relationships are supplemented by the development of the surface by grinding, as well as the color – often natural – resulting from the choice of ceramic medium – stoneware clay, or the use of high-temperature glaze – the color coating and penetrating the structure of the clay, imbued with the environment and the reducing atmosphere of firing in a wood-fired kiln and the use of soda in firing.

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