Soda Kiln Workshop 2022

22nd April – 27th April 2022

Soda wood-firing is a unique and magnificent technique which gives amazing results. Guldagergaard’s wood-fired soda kiln is one of our most popular kilns, with people coming from all over the world to participate and experience its firing.

It is a type of atmospheric firing where sodium source is introduced into the kiln at cone 9-10 temperatures. We use sodium carbonate – also known as soda ash, by spraying it into the kiln since water vapor tends to encourage better glaze distribution throughout the kiln chamber. Every piece of ceramics from this firing is unique with the ashes and flashes of flame reacting with the soda on delicate porcelain and stoneware in varied patterns and paths.

Our Soda kiln is 500L with dimensions W50 x L90 X H111

Learn about this amazing process of firing!

This process includes preparing ceramics for firing, loading the kiln, preparing firewood, as well as taking care of the kiln and ceramics after the firing, which is important knowledge for everyone who is passionate of wood-firings.

The workshop is led by our kiln yard technicians Ana Tanevska and Oliver Harding. Feel free to contact our technicians if you have questions about the process:,

Add on: Short Term Residency possibility

Guldagergaard offers the possibility for Workshop participants to combine the Workshop days with 1-2 weeks residency before the Workshop for additional price of 2500 DKK per week (incl tax). This would allow participants to make their ceramics on-site before the firing.

Price includes access to Studio facilities and accommodation for 1 week. Price doesn’t include additional firings and materials.

To reserve Short Term Residency send e-mail directly to:

Schedule of the Workshop:

1st day:  Start of the workshop (10am)

                 Looking at glaze samples

                 Preparing wadding

                 Glazing and wadding

                 Loading Soda Kiln

2nd day: Preparing wood

                  Start the firing

3rd day:  Spraying soda

                  End of firing

4nd & 5th day: Kiln cools down, no activities

6th day: Unloading the kiln


3400 DKK (incl tax)

What you get:

  • Professional guidance of our technicians
  • Range of glazes to choose from
  • Materials necessary for loading kiln
  • Wadding
  • Wood
  • Assistance while loading the kiln
  • Assistance during the firing
  • Leather aprons and gloves (although we recommend that you bring your own)

What you must bring:

  • Bisque-fired works (unless you join Residency before the Workshop). It is hard to estimate how many pieces you will be able to fire. It depends on the amount of participants and size of everyone’s works. It is better to bring a bit more and have a variety to choose from.
  • Dust mask or respirator
  • Working clothes: pants, shirt with long sleeves and jackets made only from natural fabrics. No open toes!

Language of Workshop:



It is possible to order:

  • a breakfast bag: organic bread from local bakery, yogurt, cheese & jam, orange juice. Price: 85 DKK (incl tax)
  • lunch salad with bread, veggie or regular.

Price: 110 DKK (incl tax)

  • sandwich, roast beef, or salmon

Price: 65 DKK (incl tax)

Accommodation during the Workshop:

It is possible to rent a room at Guldagergaard for 300 DKK per night (only if available)

If you have any questions, contact:

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