Become part of an international work environment that stimulates innovation and the desire to experiment.


Be creative
As an artist at Guldagergaard you will have our own studio space, where you can work around the clock. Here you can solely focus on your work and either jump-start or continue the direction of your work or start a new collaboration. Here you will have the time and space to experiment with new ideas and work uninterrupted by the daily tasks of life. Nothing is expected of you except for you to be your artistic self. Your only job, while you are here, is to be creative. A residency here can be inspiring, productive and a great boost for your career. And very often during a residency, professional collaborations and networks are formed.

State-of-the-art facilities and professional support
Guldagergaard offers visiting artists an international environment, state-of-the-art facilities and access to our collection of ceramic. We provide professional support within a concentrated work period and encourage dialogue and the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and research about materials and techniques within the ceramic field.

At Guldagergaard the Artist-in-Residence program is the most important aspect of the center. To be an Artist-in-Resident at Guldagergaard means to become part of a wonderful international work environment that stimulates innovation, originality, and the desire to experiment. We focus on creating an educational environment that promotes development and collaboration, and resident artists always have the assistance and support of our skilled staff.


We believe that creating a network and a dialogue within the ceramic community is important to both personal development, and to the advancement and future elaboration of the ceramic arts. We hope to encourage the exchange of knowledge and research into materials, techniques, ideas, and unity in the period you, as an artist, stay at Guldagergaard.

At Guldagergaard, we unite three fields of knowledge: academic research, artistic research and professional practice. We believe that all three are necessary perspectives that will lead to new ways of discovering, inventing and creating. Whether you would like to find ways to match the demand of the commercial market, do high-level research or create a groundbreaking new design, we will provide you with the best possible frames for your exploration and experimentation.

Artists will have their own area in the studio building and have access to all kilns as well as our other facilities. All artists have full access to our archives and the largest studio collection in Northern Europe. Artists can use the collection for research and inspiration.


Around the center, there are lots of supermarkets to shop in, and you will be provided with a shelf in the fridge as well as in the cupboards, where you can store your food. There is a special, communal spirit in the house, where artists take turns cooking the evening meal, which is an event where you eat lovely food made by your studio colleagues – this also provides you with more time in the studio all other evenings.

Accommodation in the Manor House
All artists will be accommodated in the beautiful manor house from 1910, which has been the beating heart of the center for a century. It houses up to 12 artists at a time and this is an intense experience that all our resident artists say they wouldn’t live without. There is an on-going ceramic dialogue and networking among artists.

All of the bedrooms are located on the 2nd floor. Artists can either stay in double or single rooms. The rooms have both pillows and duvets, and we can provide you with linen and towels as well. All rooms have recently been redecorated, and are different from one another. There is access to bathrooms, kitchen, garden, living room and library.

If you want to stay outside of Guldagergaard we will gladly help you to arrange accommodation near the center.

The Studio
Residents will have their own work space in the studio building with full access to all our facilities and equipment; gas kilns, electric kilns, and wood-fired kilns as well as glaze, plaster, and mould making workshop, slip casting room, auditorium, library for research, wood workshop as well as the gallery. As an Artist-in-Resident, you get the opportunity to apply to exhibit in our Gallery.


Prices for Artist-in-Residence in 2022/2023:

  • 8,200 DKK pr. month for a shared double bedroom w. shared bathroom
  • 9,200 DKK pr. month for a single bedroom w. shared bathroom (only if available)
  • 10,200 DKK pr. month for a single room w. private bathroom (only if available)

Included in AIR price:
– accommodation
– studio space
– access to all Guldagergaard’s state-of-the-art-facilities

Food, firings, and materials are not included in the AIR-price. As an Artist-in-Resident, you get a 75% discount on workshops.


Included in the Full Gallery Package:

  • exhibition in The Pavillons
  • facebook advertising
  • print material (folder)
  • press release to Danish newspapers
  • add in Danish newspaper
  • add in international magazine

One-time fee: 14,000 DKK

Please contact us, if you have any questions: