FAQ – Artist-in-Residence

We know, how many questions you must be asking yourself before you stuff the last things into the suitcase and head off towards an unknown place in Denmark, and that is why we've tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here.

If you cannot find what you are looking for here, you are, of course, always welcome to contact us.




7.200 DKK per month for a single room.
8.200 DKK per month for a room with private bathroom. Only if available.
Food, firings and materials are not included.
The beautiful manor house is home to a maximum of 12 artists-in-residence and assistants at the same time. There are both double and single rooms available, and all rooms have recently been redecorated. All artists have access to kitchen, bathrooms, the garden, living rooms and library. All bedrooms are on the 1st floor.
During the residency workshop fees are offered to AIR’s with a 75% discount.



Residents will have their own studio area in the studio building with full access to all our facilities and equipment; gas kilns, electric kilns and wood fired kilns as well as glaze, plaster and mould making workshop, slip casting room, auditorium, library for research, photo equipment, 3D print workshop, silk screen print workshop, wood workshop as well as the gallery where artist may APPLY to exhibit their work at the end of a residency.
Artists must bring all their own personal tools for working in the studio.
As an artist-in-residence you are expected to work independently in the studios and follow the Studio Rules and House Rules. All materials and firing expenses will be accounted for according to the current rates and the Danish suppliers’ prices. All technical assistance for specific projects must be scheduled ahead of time & paid for according to the use.


Safety and Insurance

As an artist-in-residence you are responsible for your own personal safety, and will be charged for any damage you may cause to other persons, facilities, equipment, etc.
Please make sure that you have valid international work, health and accident insurance during your stay.


Accommodation for workshop participants

Workshop participants stay outside Guldagergaard in the cozy town of Skælskør. On our list of accommodation possibilities you can find affordable rooms and apartments close to Guldagergaard.
The participants can bring lunch to Guldagergaard, but breakfast and dinner is outside the center. However participants for wood firing workshops are always offered accommodation at Guldagergaard.


Documentation and donations

You are expected to leave 10 slides/images and write a brief report of your project for our archive. A short description is also required for art works donated to the shop or the Guldagergaard Collection. All donations for the collection will be evaluated by the Advisory Board.


Computer and WIFI

Guldagergaard offers wireless Internet access for resident artists in studios and manor house. Please bring your own computer and bring your adaptor for projectors, printer, scanner etc. The public library in Skælskør has access to computers if you cannot bring your own.



We have bikes for rent.



Packages/luggage can be sent through the postal office or a local transport company. Shipping requires a proforma invoice. Ask the staff at Guldagergaard for further information.  You pay for technical hours. Shipping is your own responsibility.

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