The Apple House Gallery

At Guldagergaard, we have our own gallery: The Apple House Gallery. When artists arrive at Guldagergaard, they typically arrive with an idea that they intend to materialise. With the Apple House Gallery, we give our resident artists the opportunity to show their final work in a professional, attractive arena.

The space also give us the chance to offer artists the means to attract an interested audience, to invite the press, have photo shoots, and create a promotional space that is beneficial for both upcoming new talents and established artists.

The Apple House Gallery – A Professional Arena for All Artists


The natural light and hard wood floors, the history embedded in the old walls and the feeling of condensed concentration along with the premonition of engaged voices, tinkling glass, and approaching footsteps… The Apple House Gallery has an atmosphere that embraces it all. It is an exhibition space with a modern and clean feel and room for both solo and joint exhibitions.


The exhibition building was thoroughly renovated in 2009, and today it is an adaptable and compliant room. The Apple House is also where the ceramic studio collection is housed, and it is a space where resident artists can spend time researching and interacting with our comprehensive permanent collection.


The Apple House Gallery also constitutes an important part of our mission to promote and increase the knowledge of ceramic art, crafts and design. The gallery sets the frame for creating a link between the artists and the audience and it provides a canvas for both up-and-coming young talents as well as established artists to communicate their personal perception and interpretation of the world around them.



The Apple House Gallery also provides a contemporary space to have photo sessions and will provide AIR’s with an opportunity to see their final work set up in a professional arena. Guldagergaard can assist our resident artists in finding a professional photographer, who knows how to photograph ceramics and will let you guide the shoot.



The gallery is open to the public on all working days.

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