The Guldagergaard Collection

The Guldagergaard Collection is one of the largest collections of contemporary ceramics in Northern Europe. It is international in its perspective as well as its scale. This includes works by numerous wood and soda firing artists, which provides visitors with a vast number of interesting and beautiful surfaces to look at and study.

The collection also includes a comprehensive database of glaze tests and recipes for students, researchers and teachers to try in the soda and wood kilns. The database is available to help artists create their own language through surface and design.

The Collection: Our Anchor and Future


The Guldagergaard Collection is the nucleus and starting point of our research work. The collection is a journey through the history of Guldagergaard since the establishment in 1997, and it provides students, teachers and professors with a database of experiments, techniques, methods and visions. In a way, the collection is an anchor that tells the story of how Guldagergaard came to be and it forms a huge part of the center’s identity, but it is also a promise for the future, a vision for the development of ceramic art and crafts.


The collection is continuously expanded and today it is far too large to be shown in its entirety. For this reason, the bulk of the collection is shown in rotating selective presentations in the Apple House Gallery. This allows space for exhibitions and provides opportunities to show the works in new ways and configurations.



In addition to the sculptures that are located inside Guldagergaard’s collection, we have around 12 works that are presented in the Sculpture Park. When the collection started to increase, it seemed like a natural next step to let the collection grow out into the beautiful surrounding garden. By doing this, Guldagergaard could not only delight its visitors and guests with beautiful ceramic art sculptures by internationally recognised artists, but also create an attractive and global scene, where artists from all over the world have the opportunity to exhibit their work and become part of this wonderland.


Guldagergaard continually seeks funding for expanding the Sculpture Park with new work.

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