Workshop “Filaments and textures” with Alberto Bustos 2022

10th -11th of September 2022

We invite you to join a workshop with Alberto Bustos, internationally acclaimed self-taught ceramicist whose passion and admiration for ceramics evolved into developing his dynamic and robust sculptural forms, each one embodying his attraction to nature.

This workshop is an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with Alberto’s unconventional workflow and experimental approach for working with clay.

On the first day, Alberto will give a presentation explaining his experience in ceramics. Afterwards, he will demonstrate the “launch” technique used for making textured slabs, as well as square, flat and rectangular filaments. You will learn how to apply color pigments and glaze in powder and liquid form on wet clay to do only one firing. A step-by-step explanation of all the techniques will be provided by constructing a complete piece.

On the second day, you will learn how to create stone textures using pigmented cookies. Alberto will construct a piece demonstrating and explaining furthermore the “launch” technique and the application of coloring pigments.

We provide:

Black and white stoneware clay

High temperature transparent glaze

Yellow, red, and turquoise stains

Kaolin powder


Wooden boards and cylinders

Hand strainers


Latex gloves

Banding wheel


Plastic cups

Paper towels, spray bottles, hair dryers, large trash bags

What you will have to bring:

Respiratory mask

Toothbrush x2

Moulding tools such as wooden sticks, small containers, small knives, spoons, etc.

Price of the Workshop: 3450 DKK (incl. tax)

Language of Workshop:


Accommodation during the Workshop:

It is possible to rent a room at Guldagergaard for 300 DKK per night (only if available)


It is possible to order a breakfast bag: organic bread from local bakery, yogurt, cheese & jam, orange juice. Price: 85 DKK (incl tax)

You will have access to a kettle, coffee, and tea.

If you have any questions contact:

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