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Here we have gathered all our print catalogues from Project Network throughout the years. Please take the time to look through some of our artists’ inspiring and beautiful ceramic art works.

Adam Ledford

Decorative arts display social status and reflect a culture’s priorities and values, as well as being utilitarian objects. These objects can become icons of culture – functioning as symbols of national and personal identity. I am interested in this ability of pottery to speak for their owner, maker and culture

Hanne Mago Wiklund
(to preserve a moment that cannot be relived)

About the limit – not only the human perception limit, but also the extension of your body and your senses to transcend them.

Ianina Myronova.
Ukraine / Poland
Ceramics in Pocket - a Collection of Porcelain Objects

This work is a grouping of small objects designed for personal collections. Color, size and material play an important role in my work. In making these works, I create an intimate relationship with the viewer. They are meant to be carried around, worn on the body, or as a decorative object in the home. With the scale and form I want to invite the audience to play with ceramics, and create a kind of game.


The project is intended to confront stereotypes surrounding the impermanence and fragility of ceramics as a material to be treated with fear and very gently. The project is a denial of the standard ideas about the functioning of pottery in the human environment.

Sarah House

The work explores fractal patterns, and the remarkable similarities found within various natural forms. They ambiguously reference turbulent water, landscape, or the growth patterns of plants and fungi. These works are a commentary in the interconnectedness of our world.

Maura Wright

My ceramic figures are interpretations of my memories. Using my own experiences fused with cultural traditions, I form narratives as study of human behavior. By looking at examples of conventional dress and display of wealth, power, and sexuality, I analyze common perceptions of cultural norms.

Ingibjorg Gudmundsdottir

Observe my subconscious within nature.

Reaction of dwelling in expanded surrounding of the inner.

Bare forces of the elements imprints my collection as my hands form.

Vibeke Trolle

Industrially produced PVC pipes, like drain pipes, downspouts, gutters, well collars etc., occupies much self space in the building markets. I have selected and copied some of these plastic items and composed them in new ways, a process that has been about transformation as in Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale of the ugly grey duckling that turns into a beautiful white swan.

Chanmi Kim
Conceptual Translator Cup - First Communication

When you want to talk with a foreigner who you want to be a friend, use this cup set.

This cup lets you communicate with foreign greetings and helps you understand diverse languages. Just chose a nation and say Hi!


Lena Buhrmann.
One by one

I collect words as well a images. Images of form and material and images that have been transferred from a personal experience.

The work One by one is a continuos conceptual work started in Guldagergaard in 2013. It’s a work that speaks about our consciousness of precious moments and the passing of time.

Alysse Bowd
The Bell, the Wolf and the Wishing Girl Miss E. M. Alysse Bowd

Cloaked in the fur of her villains, the sorceress stepped into the blue wind of twilight. A dangerous, mischievous wind, the kind that plays with windows and spins the sky on the end. A wind that would lead her from world to world. A wind that became a portal.


She had called the castle to wake, had whispered her secrets into its stones and now she held its magic. She was like the wind, and after a while she too could leap from world to world. Cloaked in the fur of her villains, her face, pale from the wind, still warm, she rang each bell from the land in which it was forged into the world of laughter. There they would stay. There they would live and warn and govern, it was there that they would tempt to convert a blind yet laughing world into sight.

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