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Here we have gathered all our print catalogues from Project Network throughout the years. Please take the time to look through some of our artists’ inspiring and beautiful ceramic art works.

Kanami Takeda.
Three wise monkeys

I am facing a great power, which I have to follow.
Trying to find a way to resist but it seems to be impossible.
I am very curious, but the curiosity is a risk.
If I live closing my eyes, ears and mouth, I do not have this struggle.
But I could never have received what I have without my curiosity.
How can we live wisely?

Mingailé Mikelénaité

Mountains erode slowly through the action of rivers, weather conditions, and glaciers. A few mountains are isolated summits, but most occur in wide ranges that stretch above the surrounding land.

My work expresses emotions I encountered during my journey through Norwegian mountains. Confronted by their majesty, stability, and at the same time their humble stance. Standing on the edge of the precipice, breathing in the clouds, a sense of inhaling layered air. When you realize you are absolutely alone in the majesty of the mountain range.

Alone in nature …

Hannah Rose Whittle.
catchment | escapement

These boundaries,
with their blurred edges, 
still moving.
Under construction, we inhabit 
Moving from there, then.

These islands,
with their geological sense of time,
We add sentimentality to
Taking from here, now.

Yulia Tsukerman

My work is intuitive; I avoid planning anything or giving definitions to the objects popping up on my working table. I initiate the process, but in a way, the clay leads me. I enjoy bending, stretching, pinching, breaking it and at the same time being an observer who tries not to miss interesting things.

Karin Blomgren.

Skælskør has been the source for Karin Blomgrens work. During excursions to the downtown, the shore, the grocery stores, and the flea markets she has found objects that have literally shaped the work. By using the ceramic technique extrusion to its fullest extent as a method, the results communicate action, force and humor.

Katie McCormack.
hvad drømme kan vokse

There is a place like no place on earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say, to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily, I am.”
-Alice in Wonderland

I am bringing my own “world” to life for the viewer to see. People grow and change throughout their life and we each have our way of getting through life’s lessons. My way is to create whimsy through my ceramic practice and to bring the world a bit of my wonderland one piece at a time.

Kaupo Holmberg

Doc on blocks

scenes of the contemporary
in which collides
fragility & destruction, democracy & imperialism
social aspects & political campaigns,
sovereignty & war, populism & media,
and …

I look for symbols which bear significant and
strong meanings.
Combining them unexpectedly, I create a
context to tell a story.

Heidi McKenzie.

The representation of humankind has captured the imagination of artists since the beginning of time. This body of work reframes both the individual and society through abstract portraiture, and challenges us to examine the varied facets of our lives within the context of the synergetic energy system in which we all live and die.

Trine Lyngsholm

Haptic’ is an explorative performance where the experience of food textures combined with tactility of ceramics is the underlying basis to create an intensified sensuous experience.

Two artists come together and work within an intuitive space where the senses are the main interest. During the perfomance we will use objects that are made of food and ceramics.

By making the visitor an explorer participating in the performance, we want to awaken a synaesthetic experience within the explorer.

The performance is not to be considered as a meal but as an aesthetic experience. ‘haptic’ is a collaborative project made by Augusta Sørensen and Trine Lyngsholm

Ezster Imre
beautiful tools of creation

I imagine objects behind closed eyes and they come to existence between my hands. I sink into the joy of making, give all my attention to the middle objects: the tools of creation, carrying the imprint that the not yet created object leaves behind. I capture the process by lifting the moulds up from the casting table, turn them into the result itself, and expose their beauty and importance to the world outside.

The pieces are reflections on my own profession, discussion pieces on how the process is part of the final manifestation and how the context can influence the way we read simple everyday objects.

Brydee Gillbard
conical construction

My work focuses on the simplicity of geometric forms and the inherent complexity of assembling multiple pieces together, building three-dimensional pattern and structure. My aim is for this simple process to draw the audience in and encourage deconstruction and reconstruction of the objects. In this body of work, I am drawn to the physical composition of the materials; exploiting contradictions between rough, natural textures and the intervention of smooth, polished surfaces. I have implemented these finishes to create unexpected sensory responses for my audience to discover.

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