All year round Guldagergaard offers different symposia, workshops and seminars for interested residents and artists. The presenatations and workshops are being facilitated by other artist from all over the world all with great knowledge in ceramic arts and techniques.

Beneath you will find information on coming symposia, workshops and seminars and how to apply and register.

Open Call


Alice in Wonderland – vol II

Summer 2017


One of the stories that never ceases to amaze is the story about the young girl, Alice, who follows a white rabbit down a rabbit hole and unknowingly walk into Wonderland – a world of topsy-turvy logic, magical creatures and strange personalities, mystical undercurrents and marvellous anarchy.


The story has always been a great inspiration for Guldagergaard, and in many ways it has charted the direction of our creative (and also, actually, our educational) philosophy for almost 20 years.


This spring and summer, Guldagergaard can celebrate its 20th anniversary, and on that occasion, it is our pleasure to invite you to a wonderful, magic, and possibly a somewhat mad celebration. We will provide all artists with the great opportunity to work focused with the characters of this magnificent adventure, whether it’s the Mad Hatters Tea Party or the White Rabbit.
The symposia will involve both the Guldagergaard Sculpture Park and the Apple House Gallery.


Guest artists:


– Kim Dickey

– Marlene Hartmann Rasmussen

– Sergei Isupov

– Richard Shaw

– Sten Lykke Rasmussen

– Lillemor Petersson

– Virginia Leonard

– Jim Cooper

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