All year round Guldagergaard offers different symposia, workshops and seminars for interested residents and artists. The presenatations and workshops are being facilitated by other artist from all over the world all with great knowledge in ceramic arts and techniques.

Beneath you will find information on coming symposia, workshops and seminars and how to apply and register.

All Upcoming Workshops at Guldagergaard – 2018


Communal Wood Firing, 19th – 28th February 2018  – WAITING LIST

Guldagergaard presents and invites you to a small series of communal firings celebrating the tradition and beauty of Wood Firing with two of our most popular kilns The Bourry Box and Soda
Kiln. Participation price for 10 days, including glazing materials, wadding, wood, equipment, accommodation in a shared room, and your own individual ceramic work wood fired in two of our most beloved kilns is 4,350 DKK and Student Price 3,520 DKK.


Deadline for applying: 15th January 2018.

Apply on email:

If any question regarding the workshop contact:
Kiln Yard Technician – Evelin Saul on email:

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3D print workshop, 5th-7th March (print residency until 1st April)

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Intensive Plaster Workshop,  12th – 15th March – WAITING LIST

This 4 day workshop is suitable for all levels of experience in plaster, however basic knowledge in ceramic processes is essential. The objectives of the workshop are to support you with your specific needs for your mould making project and will ensure all participants will leave Guldagergaard with a master model and mould, and the knowledge to continue working in plaster in their own practice.

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Intensive Plaster Residency Package, 12th March – 8th April 2018 – WAITING LIST

The Intensive Plaster Workshop – 12th March – 15th March 2018 can be extended as part of a one month plaster focused residency package, allowing you time and support from our technicians to continue your plaster project from concept to finished glazed object, as well as the opportunity to explore other projects and possibilities within plaster.

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DEADLINE for applying: 10th February 2018.
Apply on email:
If any question regarding the workshop contact:
Studio Technician – Harriet Caslin on email:




Wood fire marathon, 14th – 17th June

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3D print workshop, 3rd – 5th September

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Plaster workshop, 10th – 13th September

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Communal Wood Firing, 1st – 10th October

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