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Summer School I : Atmospheric Firings

Symposium frame:

  • 1 month duration: 1st – 31st of July 2019
  • 10-14 students
  • 1-2 professors

Guldagergaard ICRC believes that all students, where possible, should have access, at least once during their studies, to Wood-Firing.

We have devised a hands-on and engaging program that aims to provide students with:

  • new technical skills and material knowledge
  • the opportunity to work alongside and learn from established wood-firing ceramic artists
  • the chance to fire a number of kilns, enabling students to experience a range of techniques and effects
  • demonstrations, lectures and one to one tutorials designed to inspire and encourage
  • the opportunity to become part of a large and supportive international ceramic community.



What to expect?

The month long Summer School will open with the opportunity to witness the building and unveiling of a fire sculpture. This annual event coincides with the anniversary of Guldagergaard. Invited artists are asked to create a large sculpture piece that is fired on site, in the grounds of Guldagergaard and is unveiled as part of a dramatic performance. This experience gives students the opportunity to see that the possibilities of atmospheric firings extend beyond the traditional kiln environment and can become part of performance and community art projects.

Students will receive a studio space and a materials budget in order for them to make new works or develop existing projects during their month long stay. Visiting Artists and Professors will supplement student’s personal practice with a series of demonstrations, workshops and one to one tutorials.

There will be a communal firing in the third week of their stay that will allow students to get hands on experience of firing two of our kilns and the experience of working together as part of a firing team. We have a range of kilns that allow students and artists alike to experience a range of effects and firing techniques, thus enabling them to access a deeper knowledge of the process.

Alongside the practical element of the summer school, students will also be encouraged to explore and engage with Scandinavian Ceramics and the wider Art and Design scene in Denmark.

Students are actively encouraged to explore the excellent Art Galleries and Museums that Denmark has to offer. We are able to provide suggested itineraries and recommendations as well as facilitating Studio Visits.

Studio collection:
Guldagergaard has the largest collection of contemporary studio ceramics in Northern Europe. This dynamic and varied collection gives students and professors with the opportunity to engage with exceptional pieces of ceramic art outside of a gallery environment.

Residents at Guldagergaard have full use of our cosy and stylish house and are encouraged to make themselves at home. We have single and double rooms available and a few on suite options. All accommodation is subject to availability and is designated on a first come first served basis.

Studios and facilities:
Our state of the art studios were renovated in 2012 and can accommodate 16 artists at any one time. All resident artists and student groups at Guldagergaard have full access to our excellent facilities including our wide and varied range of electric, gas and wood kilns, as well as our 3D printing lab and plaster workshop. With a lecture theatre, meeting rooms and extensive library and support from our highly, qualified, experienced and dedicated team, Guldagergaard is the ideal venue to host educational symposiums.

Museums and galleries – a world of opportunities (knowledge):
We encourage all participants to take excursions around Denmark to explore the extraordinary museums, galleries and private artist studios. Your program will include an exclusive itinerary that will bring you to major museums and galleries in Denmark as well as visits to some of Denmark’s most important and outstanding artists and designers. The Guldagergaard staff will of course also be able to give you recommendations and guidance as to transportation, costs, sights, etc.


Teachers / Professors:
Free studio and accommodation for one month worth of 7,200 DKK.
Price does not include: material and firing costs, personal and travel expenses.

DKK 8,500 for one month.
The price includes: accommodation and studio space, material and firing budget, full access to our research database and the kiln yard, artist lectures and workshops, an exclusive itinerary to studios and design workshops in Copenhagen and Kolding.

The price does not include: travel and personal expenses, additional material and firing costs other than stated.

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The manor building is fully equipped with a kitchen, that can be used freely by students and teachers. There will be space in the cupboard and in the refrigerator, where food and other things can be stored. There will be two options for meals during the stay.

Option 1:
The participants make their own breakfasts and lunches at meal breaks and have a specific place to have their personal food items.

For the evening meal, residents of the house will rotate as “Chef of the Day” and cook once a week for the rest of the house creating a cozy atmosphere of idea exchange and camaraderie over shared dinners. Past residents of Guldagergaard often cite this as one of their favorite memories of their time here.

Option 2:
Another option for participants is to pre-order all meals with a catering company at an extra cost of 200 DKK per person per day, alleviating any need to cook or prepare meals. The catered meals will be delivered to Guldagergaard for the participants to enjoy.

Meal breaks can be scheduled by Professors with the staff at Guldagergaard, and we will be sure to have meals delivered at appropriate meal times.

All participants are encouraged to feel at home in the Manor House. All rooms are well equipped with modern furniture and with attention to Scandinavian design aesthetics. We are pleased to feature Arne Jacobsen furniture in the dining room and living areas.