Dates for Communal Wood-Firings in 2020:

  • 13th of July – 19th of July
  • 3rd of August – 9th of August
  • 12th of October – 18th of October

Guldagergaard presents and invites you to a small series of communal firings celebrating the tradition and beauty of atmospheric firings with two of our most popular kilns: Soda Wood-Fire kiln and Super E.

Participation fee for 6 days including a selection of available glazes, wadding, wood and your own individual ceramic work wood-fired in mentioned two kilns is:

  • 2,790 DKK

In choosing to wood-fire, one chooses a lifestyle. Wood-firing is a greatly communal part of ceramics that brings together people from all over to enjoy and share the excitement, labor, unpredictability and learning experiences. Fire and ash and/or soda leave their marks on sculptures and vessels, this physical and mental journey taken through each firing ensure the unique qualities unveiled through this process.

The timeframe of this programme is short and focuses on multiple aspects simultaneously – focusing on firing one’s own work and networking amongst others. Packing and firings will be discussed upon and managed within the whole group. An important part of making the event successful is being aware of its partial experimentation which is based on each individual as well as the joint effort for team-work.

By joining this workshop you will have the opportunity to be part of two firings and witness the different nature of these two kilns. It is a great chance to experiment with varied ideas regarding surface treatment, to be part of a firing team and to gather new experiences for future uses.



Please bring with you:

  • Bisque fired wares. (At an additional fee arrangements can be made to arrive at least 1 week in advance to make and bisque work for the firings).
  • Firing gloves.
  • Warm woollen or 100% natural material clothing, DO NOT wear synthetic materials while firing or near to flames.
  • Hard toe working boots are advisory.
  • Head scarf for firing.
  • Pen, notebook, camera to document the process.


Please note:

  • Soda firing takes about 30 hours, whilst Super E lasts from 6-10 hours.
  • All wares MUST be bisque-fired for this program.
  • Whilst both functional and sculptural works may be fired in both of the kilns, Super E is more specifically designed towards firing glazed functional ware, as it remains mostly ash-free in it´s atmosphere.
  • The amount of each participant’s pieces going in the kiln depends on the number of participants. If you bring a lot of work it may not get fired, thank you for understanding.
  • The Super E measures: W 71 x L 58 x H 90 cm (370 L)
  • The Soda kiln measures: W 50 x  L 90 x H 111 cm (500 L)
  • Accommodation and meals are not included in the participation fee. 

DEADLINE for applying: 2 months prior to the start of each communal wood-firing program (eg 6th of March, 15th of May and 7th of August, respectively).

In case of any questions regarding the program, contact:
Kiln Yard Technician Jan Christian at