Dates for Intensive Plaster Course
With Anna Andersen

New dates are coming soon

Welcome to the 5 days full of intense work and loads of practical information! All levels are welcome, especially if you are a little bit scared of plaster, want to feel more comfortable around this amazing material and be able to exploit it’s vast possibilities in your everyday studio practice.

Participants are required to come with the sketches of their own projects that they want to develop throughout the course*.



Topics that will be covered during the course:

Introduction to the material, its basic qualities, possibilities and techniques (slides).

Mixing plaster: ratios, formulas, good consistency and air bubbles obviation.

Model making:

  • Plaster lathe demonstration
  • Plaster wheel demonstration: free hand modelling and modelling with the help of metal profiles. Possibilities of using plaster wheel for creating complex models
  • Sledging technique for making models with non-circular base. This method allows to make precise plaster models albite it does not require any special equipment and can be put in practice in any studio
  • Using various objects for mimicking their specific qualities in plaster
  • Free hand plaster carving.

Mold making:

  • One-part drop-out molds and what to do if a model does not want to drop – different methods for getting it out
  • Easy way to make multiple-part molds and restrictions for this method
  • Not so easy way for other cases. Basic principles of dividing shapes for multiple-part molds
  • Master molds.
Bonus. Slip casting: how to make perfect casts.

Individual tutorials and problem solving with each participant.



Please note:

  • Please attend in old clothes and shabby shoes – plaster can be messy!

  • *Please email your sketches to (Subject: GG plaster course) at least one week prior to the workshop. This would give general understanding of the level of complexity of the projects and allow to tune the course accordingly.

  • Participation fee: 4,100 DKK
  • Accommodation and meals are not included in the participation fee. 

  • Prices for accommodation:

    • Shared double room: 250 DKK per night
    • Single room: 350 DKK per night (only if available)

If you wish to book accommodation at Guldagergaard during the workshop this can be arranged by emailing Please note it might not always be possible to provide accommodation in a single room for shorter periods but we will endeavor to do what we can.

DEADLINE for applying: 1 month before workshop.

In case of any questions regarding the workshop, contact:
Studio Manager Kasia at

Bring personal tools

Artists must bring all their personal tools for working in the studio. As an artist-in-residence, you are expected to work independently in the studios and follow the Studio Rules and House Rules. All materials and firing expenses will be accounted for according to the current rates and the Danish suppliers’ prices. All technical assistance for specific projects must be scheduled ahead of time & paid for according to the use. 

Safety and insurance

As an artist-in-residence, you are responsible for your own personal safety and will be charged for any damage you may cause to other persons, facilities, equipment, etc.
Please make sure that you have valid international work, health and accident insurance during your stay.


Documentation and donations

As AIR you are expected to leave 10 slides/images and write a brief report of your project for our archive. A short description is also required for artworks donated to the shop or the Guldagergaard Collection. All donations for the collection will be evaluated by the Advisory Board.

Computer and WIFI

Guldagergaard offers wireless Internet access for resident artists in studios and manor house. Please bring your own computer and bring your adaptor for projectors, printer, scanner etc. The public library in Skælskør has access to computers if you cannot bring your own.



We have bikes for rent.


Packages/luggage can be sent through the postal office or a local transport company. Shipping requires a proforma invoice. Ask the staff at Guldagergaard for further information. You pay for technical hours. Shipping is your own responsibility.