[gool - aya - 'goh]

About Guldagergaard

About Guldagergaard
Guldagergaard - International Ceramic Research Center - ['Gool-aya-goh] means Golden Acre farm and has been the name of this place for more than a century. It used to be a fruit farm owned by the same family for nearly 100 years.
In 1997 the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard was established and our goal is still to offer international artist-in-residence, well equipped studios and technical staff ready to help to put their visions into clay.

Our mission

Guldagergaard is an international artist-in-residence center for professional artists and our purpose is to promote ceramic as an art form.



Our vision

The vision is to be a ceramic research center with a special focus on our artists-in-residence, and on helping to foster an international network among artists.

Guldagergaard  is a non-profit institution with state funding from the Danish Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Slagelse.



The board of direction for 2014

Finn Berggren, appointed by Guldagergaard
Priscilla Mouritzen, chairman, appointed by the Friends of Guldagergaard
Metha Molsted, appointed by the Skælskør Trade Union
Morten Stræde
Troels Christensen
Lis Tribler




Director Mette Blum Marcher mette@ceramic.dk
Project Coordinator Stina Nielsen stina@ceramic.dk
Studio Technician Harriet Caslin harriet@ceramic.dk

Kiln Yard Technician Evelin Saul evelin@ceramic.dk
Plaster and mould making support Henrik Troelsen ceramic@ceramic.dk




Guldagergaard collaborates closely with many other experts in the ceramic field. Please contact us for further information or if you need special assistance for a specific project.

International Ceramic Research Center

Heilmannsvej 31 A
DK-4230 Skælskør

T: +45 58 19 00 16