Guldagergaard is a non-profit institution with state funding from the Danish Ministry of Culture and the municipality of Slagelse.


Guldagergaard is one of eight ceramic centers in the world where international artists can apply for a residency.

At Guldagergaard scientific research, artistic development and professional practice meet, and pave the way for new discoveries, inventions and new ways to create. Artists work in new studios with access to modern ceramic facilities and to Scandinavia’s largest kiln yard. For inspiration and research, Guldagergaard has the largest studio collection of ceramics in Northern Europe.

Guldagergaard also offers temporary art exhibitions, with accompanying tours, artist talks, communal wood-firing, and workshops for a broader audience. 

In the surrounding grand park, site-specific large scale ceramic sculptures, international contemporary art and learning is offered while following Guldagergaards tenets of ceramic innovation and access for all.


Guldagergaard – International Ceramic Research Center means Golden Acre farm and has been the name of this place for more than a century. It used to be a fruit farm owned by the same family for nearly 100 years. In 1997 the International Ceramic Research Center Guldagergaard was established


We offer all artists, educators, and students an international environment, which aims at forming a unique match between academic research, professional practice, and artistic research.

The Artist-in-Residence program is an opportunity to work without distractions in a professional environment, to exchange knowledge within the ceramic field, and to start inspirational collaborations in an international atmosphere, while Guldagergaard offers professional support and dialogue with the staff. Guldagergaard collaborates closely with many other experts in the ceramic field.

You are, of course, welcome to contact us if you need additional information or for assistance on a specific project.

If you are interested in learning more about the public efforts, the exhibitions, opening hours and the Guldagergaard Design Butik, go to claytopia.dk (in Danish only)


Guldagergaard works to promote and develop ceramic art, craft, and design. The ambition is to help shape the future of ceramics by creating a dialogue within the ceramic community.

Our vision
The vision is to be a ceramic research center with a special focus on our artists-in-residence, and on helping to foster an international network among artists.

Our mission
Guldagergaard is an international artist-in-residence center for professional artists and our purpose is to promote ceramic as an art form.