Book a guided tour around Guldagergaard and become familiar with the ceramic field and experience the enchanting Sculpture Park. If you do not want a guided tour, you are always welcome to take a walk in Guldagergaard’s beautiful sculpture park on your own and experience the fascinating ceramic art.


Guided tours:
A guided tour take about 1,5-2 hours and includes a guided tour in the Apple House Gallery and Sculpture Park. During the tour, you will learn about Guldagergaard and the many impressive art pieces in the Sculpture Park. The tour will end with a cup of coffee (included in the price).
Prices from 2,500 DKK

Book a guided tour:
Monday – Friday 9:00-15:00
Book your tour 2 weeks before.


The Apple House Gallery
The Apple House Gallery also constitutes an important part of our mission to promote and increase the knowledge of ceramic art, crafts, and design. We often have inspiring exhibitions, where you can be blown away by the works of both national and international ceramic artists.

Sculpture Park
Guldagergaard lies in the middle of a beautiful public sculpture park. Guldagergaard has a history as an important fruit farm for this area in Denmark. The former owner had also a huge interest in rare plants and trees and founded the park in the early 1910’s. The garden itself looks like it has done for decades but now with the addition of several ceramic sculptures. Ceramic artists from Denmark, Australia, Mexico, The United Kingdom, China, Sweeden, Estonia and the USA have created the beautiful sculptures in the park.

Guldagergaard continually seeks to fund for expanding the sculpture park with new ceramic work.