Ceramic summer in one of Denmark’s most beautiful sculpture parks 1.-31. July 2021

Guldagergaard is a knowledge and dissemination center where the professional ceramic art is created, and throughout the month of July, Guldagergaard welcomes outside to the CLAYTOPIA universe with ceramics, conversations and music. A month in a ceramic universe with arts and crafts in the center, spiced with talks, concerts, café, food trucks, film and design shop as well as exciting workshops for small and large children.

Meet Svend Brinkmann, Kathrine Lilleør, Jim Lyngvild, Rane Willerslev, Mads Langer, Sanne, Anders Blichfeldt, Sko / Torp, Bobo Moreno, the ceramicists C.J. Carter, Janina Myronova and many more.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!


  • Northern Europe’s largest: Ceramic studio & studio collection
  • International: University & exhibition collaborations
  • Artist-in-Residence

Guldagergaard is one of eight ceramic centers in the world where international artists apply for a residency. The Artist-in-Residence program gives the artists an opportunity to work without distractions in a professional environment, exchange knowledge and experience within the ceramic field, and to start inspirational collaborations with other ceramic artists in an international environment with professional support and dialogue from the staff at Guldagergaard.

All year round Guldagergaard offers different symposia, seminars and workshops, and other exciting activities. Communal wood-firing, plaster workshops, 3D printing workshops and multiple exhibitions are just a few activities that Guldagergaard are offering.


The Project Network program is Guldagergaard’s own invention and is a unique opportunity for young international ceramists to kick-start their career. The program gives the young aspiring ceramists an irreplaceable international network while they develop the career as professional artists. And of course, the Project Network program ends with a grand exhibition.

At Guldagergaard scientific research, artistic development and professional practice meet, and pave the way for new discoveries, inventions and new ways to create. Artists at Guldagergaard work in newly renovated studios with access to modern ceramic facilities and to Scandinavia’s largest kiln yard. For inspiration and research, Guldagergaard has the largest studio collection of ceramics in Northern Europe.

In Guldagergaard’s beautiful exhibition building, The Gallery Apple House, there are continuously inspiring exhibitions where ceramic art of Danish and international artists can be experienced.

Guldagergaard is a place full of magic and fairy tales. Especially, the enchanting sculpture park invites you to experience magical and wonderful stories, which has been a great inspiration for all the artists who have stayed at Guldagergaard throughout the years and themselves experienced the magic up close.

The sculpture park have many different sculptures made by ceramists from, among other countries: Denmark, Australia, Mexico, UK, China, Sweden, Estonia and the United States.


International Ceramic Research Center

Heilmannsvej 31 A
DK-4230 Skælskør, Denmark

+45 58 19 00 16