The Project Network program is a unique opportunity for young graduate potters to kickstart their careers.


Project Network is Guldagergaard’s own invention and has been running for almost 20 years. The goal of Project Network is to create and promote dialogue and networking in the new generation of talented potters from around the world. The project supports international exchange as well as studies in the development of the ceramics of the future.

Universities or professors can nominate 1 artist who they believe represents new ceramics in the best possible way. The project is initiated by Guldagergaard.

We call it a career kickstart for budding artists under the age of 38 who have recently earned a BA, BFA, MA or MFA degree in modern art.

The story behind Originally, Project Network was intended for Scandinavian students, where it was an offer to the best in the field of ceramics, but as the rumor about this very special initiative spread, it also became known in the rest of Europe. Therefore, European schools were also encouraged to nominate their qualified potters. Since then, the scale has only grown even larger, and the project now includes students from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Thailand, Israel, Japan, China, France, the Netherlands and England. The network is constantly expanding.

Each participant is nominated / appointed by its educational institution to take part in one of the two symposia held per year; There can be max. 12 participants at each symposium. The long-term aspect of Project Network is the often long-standing international network created between the artists; and seen in that light, to a lesser extent the ceramic art created during the stay or the concluding exhibition.

At Guldagergaard, we combine three fields of knowledge: academic research, artistic research and professional practice. We believe that all three are necessary perspectives that will lead to new ways of discovering, inventing and creating.

Whether you want to find ways to match the demand in the commercial market, do high-level research or create groundbreaking new designs, we provide you with the best possible framework for your exploration and experimentation.


The participants live and work together at Guldagergaard for six weeks. In the process, they work on each of their individual projects. Finally, there will be an assessment of all works, which will be given by both Danish and internationally recognized ceramicists. The project results in the students building up an invaluable network, which they will later be able to bring with them or use, all the while developing and promoting their own professional career.

Furthermore, Danish artists are usually invited to give guest lessons, just as our international guest artists often give lectures or ‘hands-on’ presentations.


An example of a guest artist who frequently visits Project Network is Richard Launder, an associate professor at KHIB in Norway. Richard Launder has a fantastic way of demonstrating his points – and his advice and vast experience have been very useful to the young potters.

Another artist who often pays a visit is the Danish photographer, Ole Akhøj. Ole Akhøj specializes in photographing ceramics, and his beautifully composed photographs eventually form the “Project Network” basis for the final catalog, where each artist is represented with selected works.


The symposium culminates with a group exhibition in the Apple House Gallery. Professional photography of the works. A color catalog of the collection and press releases to the public – as well as a lot of networking opportunities.

Next session of Project Network:

I Session: November 1st – December 13th 2023.

II Session: January 2nd – February 9th 2024.

Deadline for submitting application: June 15th 2023.

Project Network

Project network participants pay a fee of DKK 7,200 (for accommodation and study space) and must cover the costs of kilnas, materials, travel expenses and other living expenses.


Housing is included in the fee in double rooms (single room is possible for an additional fee of DKK 1,000).

Project network

The participants in the project will be offered to participate in workshops in making a catalog, photographing and exhibiting their work. There will be excursions to Danish ceramic studios, museums and galleries.


We produce a catalog per. Session, and each participant receives 8 catalogs. It is possible to purchase additional copies of the catalog.


All participants will be asked to present their work at a workshop and give slide shows.

Project network

Project Network is partly financed by Guldagergaard, Slagelse Municipality and private foundations.