If there is something that can change the whole concept of your ceramics, it might be the kiln that you use. This is something that we know at Guldagergaard - our Kiln Yard is unique in that we have the largest variety of kilns available at one facility in Europe, and we continously develop it with new kilns. We also have a place for pit-firing.

Beneath you will find a list of all Guldagergaard's kilns.

Welcome to the kiln yard


Guldagergaard has a wonderful and often bustling kiln yard full of activities. We offer both glazing and firing programs, and you also have the opportunity to join our group firings or woodfiring symposia, which will always be announced on the website. Educational institutions, artists and scholars often come to Guldagergaard to take advantage of kilns not available in their studios, and our kiln yard is always in motion – we strive to always develop the kilns and build new ones to keep the kiln yard updated.


In our kiln yard you may find a cylinder gas kiln adjustable in height, a setup for raku firing and several wood kilns in various sizes and types, out of which the most commonly fired are our train and soda kiln. See the full list below.


We currently offer a Kiln Building Workshop with Kiln Master Andres Allik – read more and sign up.


For more information, please contact our Kiln Yard Technician Evelin Saul:




Electric kilns


Lil Skutt
40 liters
H32 x H31 cm (cylinder)


40 liters
H32 x H31 cm (cylinder Scandia (test kiln)
70 liters
W32 x D45 x H44 cm


Petruzka (test kiln)
70 liters
W32 x D45 x H38 cm


Skutt (top loaded)
250 liters
W58 x H65 cm (cylinder)


250 liters
W44 x D55 x H80 cm


Jørgen Jyde
400 liters
W59 x D70 x H90 cm


Golden Brigit
1000 liters
W80 x D110 x H103



Gas kilns


500 liters
W70 x D70 x H90 cm


Fred Olsen
1000 liters
W100 x D100 x H100 cm


400 liters
W75 x H80 (cylinder)


50 liters



Woodfire kilns


Bourry Box

by Robert Sanderson
450 liters
W170 x D50 x H50 cm


550 liters
W75 x D61 x H111 cm


Anagama kiln by Andres Aillik
1,5 m3
W115 x D218 x H92 cm


Cross draught by Fred Olsen
3 m3


by Hendrik Schöne

W58 x D40 x H103 cm


by Masakazu Kusakabe

W47 x D63 x118 cm


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